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Message from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Leo Lionni, the late great children’s writer, wrote a book called Swimmy, a brilliant story about a bunch of little fish who get together to fight one giant fish. I couldn’t help but think of that brave little minnow this week when Medicis decided to go up against a mighty angler in the pharmaceutical industry. In November the Medicis sales staff will take on Lederle Laboratories when we launch DynacinTM, our company;s first systemic antibiotic for the treatment of acne.

Like MinocinR, Leaderless leading prescription oral antibiotic for acne, DynacinTM will jockey for a market share of approximately $150 million. Unlike our competitor’s product, however, DynacinTM boasts two distinct advantages: It has a superior biopharmaceutical parodical to MinocinR and it is 39 percent less expensive to patients.

DynacinTM, developed for Medicis, neatly rounds out our prescription acne line. But it does more than that. By entering the realm of the giants, Medicis proves that we small fish are not content to swim in the relatively safe shoals of the pharmaceutical industry.

While we already market other prescription acne products — the TheroxideTM line and Theramycin ZTM, to name two — we also keep in view a vision of Medicis that is vital and ever-evolving. New products, such as DynacinTM, let us strengthen our commitment to the company, to the dermatologists who prescribe our products, and to the patients who benefit by our trademark philosophy, “The Science of DermatologyTM.”

Moreover, DynacinTM represents a critical mass kind of drug. We believe it is destined to stimulate a chain reaction in the development and profitability of future systemic therapies.

In the end, what we share with the fictional Swimmy is the will to survive. And not just survive but to survive victoriously. Frankly, Medicis is up against mammoth corporations that have laid claim to the richest fishing waters, as it were. With DynacinTM, Medicis means to fight the big boys for a grand market share. We plan to help break up the pharmaceutical oligopoly and eat the competition.

As a small, aggressive company, Medicis has several objectives:

We will support our dermatologists.

We will keep prices responsible.

We will stand behind highly ethical research and development.

We will make money for our shareholders.

Medicis has every intention of swimming with the sharks. We are a whole different kettle of fish.

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