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How much does a ghostwritten book cost?

Fees vary depending on book length, number of interviews, amount of background reading and depth of library research. We can arrange a project fee or an hourly rate.

You will never have to plunk down a lump-sum fee. Billing is prorated over the life of the project.

How will we work together?

First we’ll sit down (in person or via Skype) to create a table of contents. Then we’ll set up an interview and/or fact-finding schedule. When necessary, I will do additional online and library research; provide up to two rewrites; and handle ebook and print book production. Upon payment, the book is all yours. You do not have to acknowledge me as your ghost.

What about audio podcasts, speeches and op-eds?

Fees will vary based on project size. We can also negotiate an hourly rate.

What is

I am registered with the State of New York as the owner of Bookpod, LLC. nycghostwriter is a project of Bookpod, LLC, DOS ID: 3911588 (founded in 2009). My financial affairs are overseen by Barry Stein Tax & Accounting Services.

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